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7 Things to consider before booking your Newborn Photographer

For all first time parents a newborn photo session is an experience that they have never had or sometimes even heard before. So what should you start with if you know you would like to have some professional photos taken of your newborn when he/she arrives? Babies are only little for a short while so it is very important that you choose a right person to capture your memories. A newborn session is a very specific one off experience that you will have only once and will never be able to come back to it in time.

1. When to book

It is best that you contact the photographer you have chosen early enough, right after your 12-week scan if you wish. Since most of them are booked for at least 3-4 months in advance contacting early will guarantee they they will have an availability for your estimated due date. 2. Safety, Training and Insurance Newborn photographer should not be chosen on price solely. You not only want to make sure that you are getting timeless images for the money paid but that your new little one is in safe and trained hands. You must research well and feel that you can trust your chosen photographer to handle your baby, pose in different props with full awareness of not only baby's needs but also posing safety. Most photographers will charge more than "an arm and leg" because they not only invested in beautiful and stylish props, equipment, business insurance but that they have invested hundreds and thousands in safe newborn posing training or train other photographers themselves.

Baby Ashton at 8 days new

3. Investment

Since babies are only little for such a short time newborn photography is not something that you can go back and reshoot if you did not like the result of your session. Professional and beautiful photography comes with a higher price tag too because most of the work is also done behind the scenes. If you feel that you really like someones work but cannot afford it think if you could perhaps limit the quantity and get less but of a perfect quality, timeless and to be cherished for years rather than choosing someone who does not charge "an arm and leg". You might want to start with a limited number of digital images or smaller prints and invest in some beautiful wall art later on. You could also ask your photographer if they can accommodate any kind of payment plans so you get the most out of your session.

4. Choose a Photographer whose style you love

Some photographers may shoot using more colours and props, some would offer a more relaxed and less styled newborn photography. If you want something super fresh and simple make sure that you book someone who offers this kind of style. If you are more after an artistic look, please do not expect a lifestyle photographer to accommodate this style or copy another photographer's work for your session. Choose someone whose style you love so you could admire your baby's images every day even when they are all grown up and have left home.

5. What will you do with your images Make sure your photographer offers exactly what you want. It is best that you think in advance of where and how you are going to display your baby's images and let your photographer know so they can adjust your session according to that. For example if you want want a nice multi frame with 3 images in it, it is best if the images are shot with the style of a frame in mind and match in colours, accessories, etc. Check if the photographer offers prints, albums, wall art or anything else specific you may like. 6. Look at the Photographer's studio space Most newborn photo studios are very cosy and equipped with small babies in mind. It is ok to ask your photographer to view a studio before you book and most would more than welcome to arrange a short meeting, show around and discuss your session before the baby comes. Dream Artsy has a dedicated studio aimed at newborn sessions and is equipped with everything what a new parent could need including professional studio lights and newborn props for our newborn sessions. You are very welcome to get in touch and arrange to meet for a cuppa so you know what to expect.

7. Newborn Photographer near me

Although it is up to the parents and some would prefer to find their photographer locally there are a lot of first time mummies and dads who happily travel to their newborn photographers for the whole 2-3 hours one way. At Dream Artsy studio we only book one baby a day so you can be sure that your session will not be rushed and that you will have all the time to feed your little one whenever he/she needs and without any rush at all. It is our aim that you feel welcome, comfortable and stress free so even if you have travelled for an hour or two be sure you will be able to relax and put your feet up as soon as you arrive.

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