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Important Message re covid19

Due to a recent ongoing global situation I feel it is necessary to post a note for the parents who might have some worries about bringing their little ones into the studio with the virus going around.

We were blessed not to have any cases confirmed close to our rather rural location so far with the epicentre of pandemic being more localised around bigger and busier cities. I closely follow the latest information to stay informed and act as per the public health advice at all times.

Below are some precautions that are taken before, during and after every session to keep you and my family safe:- The sessions are booked with a gap of 1-3 days between them so you will not be in contact with other customers and the studio will not be used immediately before you. - The studio is on the ground floor and has its own entrance so you will not be in any contact with other few small offices that may be located around the site. - Your car may be parked right in front of the studio door so you will not be in contact with anyone to get to it too. - Your shoes are left at the door with disposable slippers or shoe overalls available. - Hand washing is done through the day when preparing for the session as well as before and after each session and all time during it. - Hand sanitisers are available in the shooting area at all times. - Medical masks are worn as a precaution. - The studio is cleaned thoroughly after each session and all items that may have been used during the session are washed and sanitised and where possible not reused for the time being. - Only one or two adults are allowed into the studio. - If you have recently been on holiday to any of the affected areas across the world please do contact us prior to coming in or booking. - Please make sure that everyone attending with you is healthy and has not been in contact with any potential virus carriers. - If your session needs to be rescheduled due to illness, even a chance of it, please do contact me as soon as possible - there is no fee to reschedule.

My family is also taking all necessary precautions and more to ensure we do not come in contact with anyone who may be ill, avoiding close contact, any public gatherings, travelling, shopping and is mostly working from home.Shall there be an update on the public health advice a new note will follow.

Stay safe everyone! Important update: as per latest Government advice we are now closed until further notice


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