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Newborn Photography Reading Basingstoke West Berkshire Hampshire: What if my Baby doesn't sleep?

I get asked this a lot. What if my baby does not play the ball? What if my baby doesn't sleep for their newborn session? A lot of new and not the first time parents are worried that their baby is not going to perform during the session. Don't worry! I have been doing for a long and time, I also train other photographers Newborn Photography Art so you and your baby are in the best hands. If the baby is super unsettled there is always a back up plan.

I do ask the parents to adjust baby's sleeping and feeding times for the day where possible so the baby has an awake time at home and has a big feed just before leaving. Although all newborn sessions are baby led this preparation helps them be more relaxed and sleepier during the session. If the baby is awake and alert for a longer time we can always get few less posed and awake pictures. If the baby seems unhappy being naked and prefer being wrapped then we will opt in for more wrapped shots.

Parents often asked why newborn photographers need babies to sleep for the session. Well there is that, newborn babies cannot focus their eyes on the camera yet so they will be looking to all directions but not the camera. They also have weak eye muscles which means that their eyes may often end up looking crossed in the pictures and that is not a picture perfect look at all. More so we need the babies to be settled and relaxed for their safety so they can be posed and balanced into those cute sleepy positions which will never happen nor be safe if the baby is unsettled and moving. So what do I do to make them sleep? Well, there is an awake time at home before coming to the studio, then we offer the baby all the milk he / she may ask for, we up the heating in the room and turn white noise on to create a womb like environment. Warm cosy studio, white noise and a full tummy always do the trick and help the baby (often baby's dad too!) to sleep. If the baby is still unhappy and is fussy for some time in order to save time and get going I start the session with the workflow I know is going to work the best whether it is a certain pose or opt in for a wrap.

It is best to book your session before the baby has arrived to avoid disappointment and last minute rush. All sessions are best within the very first 14 days of baby's life. I like the babies from 5 to 10 days and I would have them earlier if the baby was overdue and a bit later if the baby was earlier and needs to gain some weight.

To check some beautiful photographs of newborns and find more information on the sessions please head to NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY PAGE and to book your newborn session please click HERE

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