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Excuse the mess! The studio has way too many props and badly needs some Marie Kondo'ing done sooner than later but could not wait to share the excitement of receiving my new Newborn Posing Table from @BabyFox_LT which means no more sitting on the floor while posing your babies, no more back pain and bedrest after each session for me and fingers crossed sleepier babies too! Looking forward to seeing you all soon 📸🌿



01 June 2021



As always our customers' safety and wellbeing is our absolute top priority specially when it comes to the little ones. Here are some frequently asked questions to read through. If you have any other concerns at all please feel free to contact us via email or phone to discuss. 


Will my photographer be wearing a mask? 

The photographer will be wearing a mask while in the studio.
As always the photographer will also change into new clothes after arriving to the studio, might wear an apron.

Will I be challenged to wear a mask?

We will never challenge a customer or ask to explain their choice.

We also advise that new mums do not over stress and think of their own wellbeing and comfort first, drink enough of water, relax and enjoy the experience with their baby.


Will the props / outfits be washed / sanitised in between the use? 

As always all props and outfits will be washed, sanitised / steamed between the use. We have a low client volume and make sure that there is at least 24 hour window between the clients.

Will the studio be cleaned between the use? 

As always the studio including all surfaces, floor, bathroom, handles, etc. will be deep cleaned and sanitised between the clients. As it used to be all the time we ask that you remove your shoes and wear disposable slippers or overshoes (both provided) as soon as you enter the studio. We also ask that you do not arrive to your session too early as we not only clean but also ventilate the studio before your arrival to let all the aerosols out and for some fresh air.


Is the studio in a busy crowded place? 

The studio is based in a very remote rural area and we have a separate entrance just a few steps from where you will park you car. You do not need to worry that you will have to meet any other people on the way or won't find a parking space. 

Can I bring young siblings to newborn's photo shoot? 

Yes, you absolutely can however if they are not able to stay with you in a designated area for a prolonged time and would be running around and touching other props / wraps / outfits etc. we kindly ask that you think of the ways to bring the little one in only for the time of his / her photos. We have a few outdoor play areas around and a garden centre if you wanted to take them out.

Can I bring grandparents or other relatives / people to the photo shoot? 

For safety reasons and for best photo session results we do ask that only immediate family and those who are having their images done attend the session. The only exception is a support person if your partner cannot attend and you need help / assistance.



If you have any questions in regards to the above please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss.

Looking for Newborn photographer? Our studio is based in Aldermaston provide services of bespoke styled newborn photography sessions in our studio and cover areas of Reading Basingstoke London Newbury Tadley Windsor Chiswick Chelsea Kensington Hammersmith and Fulham Acton Wembley Richmond Berkshire

15 June 2020

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Covid19 updates

As per Government advice Dream Artsy Photography Studio will be reopening on 22nd of June 2020!


All clients booked before March 2020 lockdown began will have to rebook for another date (but of course will be our first priority!) and since we can only book a limited number of sessions a week to give us time to deep clean and avoid any chance for the virus to spread we kindly ask that you rebook without a delay to secure best day and avoid disappointment.


We have always followed good hygiene practice during the sessions but have since introduced few more rules such as sanitising your hands first thing upon entry, wearing a mask (where possible and if not exempt), keeping distance from the photographer and staying at a designated area. It is also more than ever important that if you or your household members have displayed any covid19 or any other common cold, chicken pox, etc. symptoms before the session we kindly ask that you contact us asap and reschedule.


Our emails and bookings are now open 📸🌿 Looking forward to seeing you all again!


Rebooking your session after covid-19 restrictions have eased and other FAQ

15 June 2020


We are taking bookings but while we work down the new waiting and booking list we give priority to those sessions that were booked before the lockdown began. Please contact us via e-mail as soon as since we only book one client in 48 hours and therefore have a limited availability.


Best form of contact as always is email since there is no one available to answer the phone during sessions, deep cleaning or when not in the studio. Please also allow 48 hours for a response and please bear with us while we are catching up with the enquiries of all the months that we were closed.


If you want to book a session you can also do so using ONLINE BOOKING FORM. However please have in mind that your session date and time will have to be reconfirmed via email.

Whenever you book a session you will be expected to follow the latest Government advice re covid-19, wash and sanitise your hands upon arrival, keep safe distance and wear a mask where applicable. The number of adults allowed per one session is strictly 2 and they have to be people from one household (or as per latest GOV advice). The siblings shall not remain at the studio during newborn sessions and shall only come for the time of their own images with the newborn.


If you have been feeling unwell it is important that you contact us asap and reschedule your session.