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I am super excited to offer a huge family size white and gold Christmas set up for this year's Christmas Mini Sessions which was voted as a favourite backdrop by our followers on Instagram.

Wintery forest, North Pole post and Santa's workshop (kids size), Green Armchair, Cosy Sofa (tight but family size) and some digital backdrops are going to be available too. 

Keep reading to find more about what's in store this year and for tips on what to wear to your Christmas mini session if you decide to book one of these popular but limited availability sessions. 

Christmas Mini Sessions this year were extended to 28th November which is a 3rd day of Christmas Minis. This would be the last day to order some products before the labs are closed for holidays.

Most of the time the clients want their Christmas photos for Christmas cards or Christmas presents. You could order them in mini books, trio displays or mounted professional prints. Plus of course, they are perfect for sharing on social media too!


Anything from formal party wear, to casual, Christmas jumpers or pj's will do! Whether you want to wear something warm, cosy  and wintery, sequins or tulle tutu, colour coordinated neutral beige or bright red, green or want to opt for matching and colourful pj's for the whole family - it is totally up to you!


Here is some visual board for you to have a look:

In the Pinterest board you will see a lot of colours that work great for variety of backdrops so whether you choose rich and bold or cream they will all work well. Rich red, deep burgundy, green, navy are always great and look festive so do the cream and neutral beige. 

For more than one family member in the picture it is important that the chosen colours and style would coordinate for all of them. It is best not to wear twin tops and bottoms but spread the colours across all the people so they wear the same / similar colour but differently and on different part of the body than the other one - for e.g. mum's green dress goes with the squares on son's shirt while the big sister can wear a green bow and dad wear green trousers, etc so start with c
hoosing 2-4 colours that go well together and spread those colours between you all.


Although some Christmassy patterns may well be rather busy please choose them carefully and by all means please avoid big logos or non christmassy busy patterns, stripes (unless it is candy cane stripes on festive pj's).


No outdoor shoes in the studio! We will only allow clean and dry shoes that you bring to change in the studio or you can choose to wear no shoes at all (and no socks please unless they are Christmas socks that are styled to be part of your outfit as in a cosy warm Christmas look, etc).


Velvet is always great for mums and girls while dads and boys can opt for some festive shirts or warm textured jumpers. Both textures, ruffles and layers are important and look great in pictures.



Head accessories such as Santa hats or festive headbands as well as socks would work well with both PJ's and Christmas jumpers.


Kids can bring their letters to Santa's to post in a North Pole letter box while their picture is taken. Please instruct us whether you want to collect them before leaving home for your child's memory box.

Hope this is useful and has given you some ideas. If you still have questions and need advice on what to wear feel free to contact me and send a picture of your outfits for advice. 



Here are some of the backdrops (depending on your choice) that are going to be available this year. 

Screenshot 2021-11-23 at 16.44_edited.png
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