Cake Smash - a Messy Play in Style

Cake Smash Photographer in Aldermaston, Reading Basingstoke

Congratulations, your baby is ONE!

There is nothing else more exciting than your baby's first birthday and it is so hard to believe it has been a whole year already! So many changes since your little one was just a tiny newborn, milestones, ups and downs, nappies, teething, sleepless nights... but you finally made it and your once newborn is finally One!


Treating your baby and yourself with a cake smash fun is a very exiting experience and a celebration that will be remembered for years! Although it is not a party for friends and family as such, this session is designed for parents and the baby to have fun, explore new tastes and 

textures as the little one tucks into a yummy but baby friendly homemade cake. It is also a perfect way not only to celebrate their first birthday in style but to capture their personalities and leave with lots of cute images that will be cherished for years.

If you think your little one may be a little shy we can offer a mini cake only session but even if you think that the new more is less, we kindly insist that you book BOTH - a cake smash and a splish splash splosh time in a warm bubbly bath after the cake!


If for any reason you think the cake is not an option we are more than happy to set for a cupcake, donut or fruit smash for you or even use a dummy cake!