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Celebrate Mothers!

With Mother's day just around the corner I am so delighted to offer Mummy & Me photo sessions this year. Mum is usually the one who is behind everything not excluding the camera. She is the one who so often forgets about herself, me time, who always has some excuses not to be in the picture - too busy, too tired, her hair is not done or she had just another sleepless night and is not up to it this time... Exist in pictures! Exist in your children's memories! Just you and the kids. Lots of cuddles, playing, tickles and cheeky smiles! Just you and the kids. Together. They love you. They do not need you to be slim or do your nails. They do not need a model! They only need their Mum! They love you as you are cause you are the only one! You are their MUM! Exist in pictures! They will be thankful forever. They DESERVE those memories. YOU deserve those memories! Mummy & Me <3 Lets celebrate Mothers...

Please e-mail for bookings:

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