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Why You Should Print Your Photos? Newborn Photographer in Reading, Basingstoke, North West London

When you book a session at our studio it is all about creating beautiful memories that you will cherish for years. Our goal is that you not only walk out with the digital copies of the images which took many hours to create but that you actually get to bring them home and enjoy. The portraits that you hang on the wall will always remind you of what is important in life whether after a long day at work or a sleepless night with a new baby - they will always bring you joy, love, walk you down the memory lane, they will always continue to make you smile and inspire for a new day, for new moments.

What is the difference between a digital image and a real print? It is so easy to take a picture these days but after we take it do we actually look at it ever again? Do we upload it to social media, store it, print it? Or just keep it buried in the virtual world until lost? Computers and drives crash all the time, USB sticks, smart phones and tablets get damaged and lost while a printed portrait is not only the most secure backup of your special moment in life but also a tangible version of your most precious memories that you can actually touch, feel, hold in your hands, even smell. It is like reading a book - the high quality paper and imprinted ink will always win over the digital version of the image that you just scroll through on your phone and shut down. It is a real thing. Nothing will ever be able to replace a paper book.

A printed portrait gives life to your memories. It can't go unnoticed when it is a 30" fine art wall art hanging right there on your main wall. A printed portrait is a visual reminder of good times, of the smiles of your loved ones, of how tiny your newborn baby was... The colours, the details, the texture, the sharpness, the light caught in the eyes, the frozen moment... it's quite an experience to actually hold it all in your hands. The digital file is not safer and is not guaranteed to last decades, yet the old albums and shoe boxes full of black and white rusty prints are proven to last. A printed portrait is like a book of your life. It is a real thing that will last, will be enjoyed and loved. You deserve this. Your family deserve this. A real thing... Print.

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