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Froggy Pose and Newborn Safety Explained

Newborn safety is and should be of paramount importance not only when doing the so called froggy pose but through all session of your baby. Here is where it comes to years of experience and training as you do not just start photographing newborns because you have a camera and you do not learn to pose them over night. Perhaps you are thinking why to go expensive when you found a bargain or someone in need for newborn images for their portfolio on a local Facebook group. Well, newborn photography is indeed a luxury and it isn't cheap for this same reason - training, more training, years of practice, expensive and safe props, safe and well thought of posing aids, other equipment. Do not be afraid to ask the photographer before booking what training they have had and how long they have been doing newborn photography for, whether they are insured and what to expect from your session in general. Do check their portfolio and behind the scene images prior to booking and compare them to the work of other photographers that may not be as cheap. Do not hesitate to ask to see the studio if there are no images of it on photographer's website or social media - you have all rights to know where and how your newborn is going to be photographed and what safety measures and policies your photographer has in place.

Now let's go back to the froggy pose. The pose and the image itself is super cute but don't be fooled! What you see in the end result is not what it is at all. Babies do not put themselves into these poses and do not hold their heads, their weight on the wrists by themselves. It is all an optical illusion and the magic of Photoshop as well as the experience of the photographer! For the froggy pose it is important that the baby is held and supported at all times. The photographer would take some time to sooth your baby as the body, the hands and the fingers will need to be completely relaxed and flat for this pose. Once the baby is settled and in a deep sleep the photographer would have an assistant or a strictly instructed parent to help with supporting the baby. As you see in this short video (excuse the quality of the screen recording!) the baby is supported from the wrists and then the head while the photographer takes two quick shots which are later merged into one image - this is called a composite. That is all what it takes! But... the training and experience has to come first.

At no time the baby is let balance on the wrists. It is important not to only support baby's weight but to pose correctly with baby's wrists and hands in a balanced but relaxed position leaving the airways free, hands fully open and the back and neck arched only enough to create a visual illusion. The froggy pose is very popular and often requested by the parents but it is not the only pose that needs to be done in a safe way. Anything from a simple wrapping to placing the baby on a beanbag or in any kind of prop, bed, bowl, crate, bucket and taking the shot needs to be well thought of with all safety precautions in place - again only after an appropriate training and experience which as already discussed in most cases will tag a certain price. This price tag will not only cover your photo shoot experience and cute newborn images but will insure your baby is in the safest hands possible. Another very popular image is baby in a bucket. The baby in the bucket in this image was posed carefully with weights in the prop to keep it stable and secure, with soft padding around the top of the bucket to make the baby comfortable, with posing beans and extra stuffing under baby's chest and tummy to keep the baby in a position similar to the position as on parent's chest / shoulder, more padding under and behind the baby for extra support and comfort and strictly instructed parent next to the baby with a hand just a touch above baby's head or on the head if needed, with eyes on the baby at all times. It does not take a lot for a baby to start crying or sneeze and the spotter must be there and ready to assist if the baby decides to move.

We have seen so many babies on social media that did not look comfortable the way they were posed or were in danger while being photographed without an assistant or a parent spotting nearby. It is therefore very important that newborn posing safety awareness is raised not only between the new photographers but the parents as well. That the parents learn to recognise and tell a trained professional from someone just starting without any training and what safety precautions should be followed during the newborn photo shoot.

It goes without saying that if you are a parent and are thinking of attempting to photograph your baby yourself please read this again and without an appropriate posing and safety training never attempt any professional pose at home yourself, other than lifestyle photographs of your baby in a baby cot or on any other baby safe and baby approved surface. If you have any safe newborn posing questions or concerns please feel free to contact us and if you want to book Dream Artsy Photography for your session it would be my pleasure to welcome your little one into our studio.

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