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Why you should book your Newborn Photographer after the 12 week scan | Newborn Photographer West Ber

Congratulations on your pregnancy! It is such a wonderful time and new experience. Whether or not you are ready to tell the world yet you are probably getting ready already and can't stop wondering what comes next! New nursery, baby cot, baby's name.... the list goes on and on! It is amazing how never ending that list is and how many new things a single tiny baby brings to his house before he is even there :) With all that list in mind you probably did remember a so much popular newborn photography session a must have too and I am here to help you with that.

What is the best time for a newborn session?

I know being new parents is so overwhelming and newborn photoshoot is definitely not on your birth plan but with each day you notice how much your once so tiny newborn baby has grown and you realise that you do not really have any true memories of that tiny baby that you love so much. That the flaky skin begins to fade and those sleepy eyes stay more and more awake. Due to newborn sessions being so popular most newborn photographers would need enough time to pencil your session in, so do I. My heart hurts for all those Mums who realise they wanted a newborn session only after the baby was born. I often get calls from parents whose baby is 4-8 weeks already if not older and sadly the most perfect time for a newborn session is long gone. It does not mean that you should not try and that you will not succeed in still having some newborn like images but it does mean that the session is much more difficult since the babies are older, touchy, more alert and less likely to sleep deeply. For this reason and for being very busy and most often booked well in advance, many newborn photographers may not be able to book you at such a short notice too. To make sure the newborn session is stress free and sorted it is advised to book soon after your 12 weeks scan. Because your due date is also not guaranteed I book your session time for about 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your due date and adjust once your baby is born. We still aim to fit you in under 2 weeks age as this is the best time when the baby still sleeps and is most curly. We would expect you to let us know that the baby has been born within 48 hours so we I can make myself available and confirm your session on time.

Shall you have your Maternity Session too? From my personal experience I know that most women do not feel their best when pregnant especially towards the end of the pregnancy and most do not even think of capturing this time in images. But this time passes and cannot be replayed. I can assure you that you will be the happiest to have some images of this time when you were expecting your little one and that every and each expecting woman glows brighter than the sun when she is carrying another heart under hers. So will be you! Because of this do-not-deny yourself a maternity shoot. You will always love to look back at this time and remember your little one before she was even born.

Why newborn sessions are so expensive? Every self-respecting newborn photographer would invest tones of time and money in online training, in person workshops, camera, lights, props. Newborn session takes a lot longer than any other photo shoot would and requires a lot of preparation, care, knowledge about your baby's safety. It needs to allow enough of time for changing with no rush, feeding when needed and cuddles. Nearly 70% of the whole session includes all the above and also keeping your baby content, sleepy, comfortable and posed with great attention and care and only a little of all is spent on the actual shooting. Once the session is over it requires great skills and investment into good software and training again to be able to edit the images taken at the session so they are perfect and have a soft and long lasting look. I can assure you now that a newborn session would without doubts be the most interesting and unexpected experience unless you are of those rare parents whose baby come in and leaves content and sleeping.

What if my baby is 3 months already?

If your baby is a little older you might want to wait few months and get those perfect 4-5 months images or more parent-baby images where the baby is held in your arms. Next milestone after this would be around 6-9 months when the baby is already sitting without support but still not crawling away. You could have a mini session at 10 months when the baby is trying to stand up and probably try to walk. Mind, if the baby is a fast crawler, it will not be that easy to keep him still in one spot. Last milestone in the first year is of course a first years cake smash session. Do not miss on that and also book early as a lot of time and preparation goes into this mini birthday party too! TAGS: Newborn Baby Photographer West Berkshire Newborn Baby Photographer West London

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